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March 11th, 2010 :


 New Voltron series announced as picked up by Nicktoons! Find all the latest at voltron.com! 



March 11th, 2010 :

 Welcoming Shannon Muir's Voltron Pages to the Shannon Muir's Animated Insights family! Thank you for the wonderful letters from fans asking to still have access to this information. This area will be revamped in time along with the overall website redesign.

* Shannon Muir has a letter in Issue #5 of the first VOLTRON mini-series from Devil's Due.  She also wants to let you know she is keeping up with (and enjoying!) the new monthly series.

* In doing some research on old disks, Shannon uncovered an old  incomplete animation script for another Voltron adventure featuring Nina, Dark Daughter of Arus.  Available now under Fan Fiction.

*  New section opened up offering side by side comparisons between TV series and Devil's Due comic for new fans and people needing to fact-check, due to differences in the universe.  Still somewhat under construction (mainly character comparison needs to be completed). 

*  New VOLTRON comic announced to be issued by Devil's Due Publishing.  In the same press release, World Events Productions announces intent to develop new Voltron show.

* Updates in the VOLTRON ON TELEVISION section!   More info on current videos available to the US and Canada.

* World Events Productions purchase of Calico is confirmed. The company now specializes almost exclusively in 3D animation and is called Calico World Entertainment. No word what show projects they have lined up for the future.

* Netter Digital, the company that did the actual animation for Season One and Two of VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION, closed its doors December 2000. Their equipment was auctioned off December 7, 2000.

* As to word of a third season some of my sources have told me the "third season" is World Events just continuing to offer the 26 episode package, but Kevin Harlan (manager, WEP) did say in a chat in Summer of 2000 they were looking for funding for additional episodes. Also, UNCONFIRMED rumor has it that World Events bought Calico, their partner in producing the VYTOR series in the early 1990s. So maybe ther's hope. Regardless, the fan community should be proud of itself for the power of the Internet and their perserverance to bring new life to a legend. I honestly believe it couldn't have happened without all of us.

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