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The Web Counter

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You too can have a counter on your Dueling Modems Home Page! Follow these instructions:

1. Create a Counter File

The counter file is a text file named filename.cnt. "Filename" can be anything you want, and you may have individual .cnt files for each of your pages.

The .cnt file can contain any or all of these parameters:

 top_border n        makes top and bottom borders 'n' pixels high
 side_border n       makes left and right borders 'n' pixels wide
 background color    makes the background color 'color'
 foreground color    makes the foreground color 'color'
 width n             makes the counter value 'n' characters wide
 size size           makes the text size 'size'
Where 'n' is a number consisting of the digits 0 through 9,
where 'color' is a lower-case color name black, white, red, green, blue, magenta, cyan, yellow
where 'size' is the word tiny, small, medium, large, giant

If you wish to pre-calculate the image size, the font sizes used are

  tiny    5 across by 8 high
  small   6 across by 12 high
  medium  7 across by 13 high
  large   8 across by 16 high
  giant   9 across by 15 high

Add in twice the border size plus the width times the size in pixels across for the font for the WIDTH tag, and twice the border size plus the height of the font for the HEIGHT tag.

The default values are:

  top_border  1
  side_border 2
  foreground black
  background white
  transparent no
  size large
  width 8
making the default size, 60 across by 18 down.

Here is the .cnt file used for the counter at the top of this page:

			foreground red
			background white
			transparent yes
			width 8

2. Upload Your Counter File filename.cnt

Be sure to put filename.cnt in the same directory as your webpage.

3. Reference the Counter File in Your Webpage

In your webpage, include:
    <P>This page has been accessed
    <IMG SRC="filename.cnt">

You may replace the red text with any other wording that suits your fancy, or simply put the counter at the bottom of your page with no text at all.

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