The History of VOLTRON

Let me begin by pointing out something that not many VOLTRON fans may be aware of. The material that made up the VOLTRON series consists of two unrelated shows originally from Japan -- "Golion" (Lion Force) and "Dairugger XV" (Vehicle Force) -- which were re-edited to tie them into one show. This may sound odd to some, but it's a feat that worked incredibly well for another company called Harmony Gold -- who took the three unrelated series "Macross," "Southern Cross," and "Mospeda" and created ROBOTECH.

World Events Productions later bought out the Japanese company's rights and then produced 21 new scripts to further tie the concepts together. I bring this up because a couple people have asked if is truly possible to do a chronology because of VOLTRON's origins as a different show. What the world has come to know is World Events' interpretation of those shows, and that's what I'm working from.

I must now apologize that I lack the material to do a proper chronology for the Voltron Vehicle series. I wasn't a big fan at the time and only much later learned the characters' names. I have provided what information I do know, though.

I did, however, extensively get to know the Lion Force Voltron episodes while researching for my stories. The chronology I have assembled is based, for the most part, in the order the episodes ran when they originally aired in 1984-1986. Many episodes were NOT re-aired when VOLTRON was shown on cable here in the United States in the early 1990s. In 1997, all episodes of VOLTRON Lion Force were aired... Season One on the Cartoon Network and Season Two to broadcast as the repackaged NEW ADVENTURES OF VOLTRON.

Also, for whatever odd reason, many of those episodes only aired the first time didn't air in a logical order. For example, the storyline where Sven returns originally aired long before the audience had even been introduced to Romelle. Also, there were some episodes World Events apparently didn't realize were originally two-part episodes and treated them like separate shows, so they aired relatively far apart from one another. I have corrected for those minor inconsistences, and have moved all material with Romelle and Bandor to the latter part of the first season chronology for consistency.

This chronology covers Season One, the "Fleet of Doom" special (which, while aired last, really goes in between the two seasons), and Season Two (re-released as THE NEW ADVENTURES OFVOLTRON), and now includes VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION .

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