World Events Productions and Shannon Muir Team Up on Visual Denubian Galaxy Starmap

On June 25, 1999, VOLTRON fandom received something long in demand... World Events Productions issued an visual starmap of the Denubian Galaxy, the backdrop for the adventures of the Voltron Lion Force. This was done as a partnership between World Events Productions and myself. Unfortunately, it is no longer available after a later site redesign.

But before then, going back to 1996, this was the home for anything even resembling an attempt at mapping the galaxy. A mix of series fact and my own invention, people turned to me to help them make sense of the VOLTRON universe. I'm proud to have been such a help to so many of you. I have made my detailed interpretations and theories still available to you, if you wish to see them.  This also includes notes for planets that were mentioned or information discovered since I worked with World Events on the currently posted version, and those changes are documented as such.  

The starmap as I laid it out is pretty much intact, save for some input from World Events Productions. Please be aware that since this ultimately is their property, if they call for changes in the future (e.g. the name of a planet I've labeled is discovered in an original script or outline), they will be incorporated into both the official site and my own.

Thank you for your support in regards to the starmap effort and everything else I've done since 1996. It's been a pleasure being there for you. And I hope this venture with World Events Productions only enriches your experience with the VOLTRON universe.

-- Shannon

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