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The VOLTRON series are syndicated product so in theory anyone who wants to pay for it can run it.  As of March 2002, I don't know anywhere that it is airing save in Canada.

Trimark Video has released episodes of VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION and the original VOLTRON lion series in the United States and Canada. So seeing VOLTRON may be as close as your VCR whenever you want if the sales remain strong.  The best places to check are online shops, I haven't seen them in retail stores.  For convenience, if you are from the US or Canada, visit my WRITERS AND PRODUCER'S SHOP at my professional website, powered by Amazon.com, to save you the searching  -- just go down to "Projects I've Been Involved With."  As of March 2002, the original series releases go up to when Princess Allura joins, plus the "Fleet of Doom" special; the newer series currently goes up to "Dark Heart" and "Pidge Gets Iced."

I have heard no news of either series coming out on DVD.  Personally I'd love that.  I'm currently collecting STAR BLAZERS and ROBOTECH on DVD.

From what I understand, other than "Fleet of Doom," World Events has no intent to release Vehicle Voltron episodes since they never had the popularity of the Lion Force.

Past Features...


I don't know what the current numbers are in kids 2-11, which is the main age group shows like VOLTRON shoot for. But I have had information come to me (from a good source) that VOLTRON's third episode, "Building the Forces of Doom," came in 8th place among all syndicated programs for males 17-30 years of age. That appears to tie VOLTRON with SEINFELD's syndicated reruns, while still being bested by the syndicated airings of shows like the X-FILES and SIMPSONS. A real strong showing for a cartoon and I'm sure a surprise to the ratings folks...


Truthfully, I got some information confused. I'd heard about the space pirates before ComiCon, and then went to ComiCon and saw Clancy Brown listed as a new voice along with Tress MacNeille. Because of that, I accidentally attributed Queequeg to Clancy Brown when he is actually voiced by Billy West. I apologize for the error.

Clancy was Robot Maximus (he spoke a warning when seen in the first episode), and I'm told will be an upcoming character named Igor, though I have no information on this character... but the source is highly reliable!


Hopefully most of you have been able to catch the debut of VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION in your area! Though I saw the preview cut in San Diego of Act 1 o of the first episode, seeing the full episode with music and effects was a real thrill! They may look different, but these are clearly the characters we've known and loved. Also, it was clear from subtle changes in Act 1 that those of us who gave input at San Diego ComiCon were listened to (largely, there were no cockpit shots during the first scene; granted it's the new costumes, but I can accept that they were redesigned before that battle!). This bodes well for other things, such as the strong outcry for Sven to come back to the series... we shall see. I have started doing a chronology on a limited basis -- to minimize plot spoilers for international fans -- for THIRD DIMENSION, along with listing notable trivia about each episode. World Events is providing a more detailed plot synopsis, but theirs seems to change from week to week to highlight the current episode. Mine will ultimately be a list of all episodes.

One of the biggest thing I've heard on the message board sponsored by World Events is how lackluster the weapons seem. I do have to agree here, but bearing in mind that they only got the green light (approval) for this show around April -- which is really late in the animation world for a September debut, BTW -- they did an excellent job. Some stuff should improve the more episodes they get under their belt.

There's also been a lot of commentary about people not liking Keith's new look. The jury's still out for me personally on that one.


Right now the airtimes for U.S. cities at World Events' web site appear to be sufficent for most places, BUT apparently some dates and times are wrong! Iif there seem to be too many discrepancies like last year let me know and I'll get times and dates up! (Also let the webmaster at wep.com know, if they stay on top of that I'd prefer they were the main source of that information...). Also, please be aware that listings for NEW ADVENTURES OF VOLTRON may really be for the new show... that's what happened on the guide I access through my cable box. It says NEW ADVENTURES, but really is THIRD DIMENSION.


On August 16th 1998, at ComiCon International: San Diego, representatives of Mike Young Productions and Netter Digital Entertainment gave attendees insights and previews of the new series! I was indeed there -- and Head Writer Marc Handler surprised me by mentioning my name when he talked about the role fans had played in getting the new series on the air. I've so much to say I've had to create a separate San Diego page... check it out!

Know anywhere else VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF VOLTRON or VOLTRON is airing anywhere in the world? E-mail me and let me know! Thanks! (Also, please let me know if it's no longer airing somewhere...)

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