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With the discovery of other VOLTRON fans on the Web, writing their own "fan fiction" in this universe, I decided in 1996 it was high time that I share the stories I wrote so passionately about with the world. Personally, I think it a testament to the power an enchanting storyline can have, that there are quite a few of us as adults who still remember VOLTRON and have found our own means of tribute. Sharing these "what ifs" is mine.

NEW ALLIANCES Short Fiction Character Profile

Recently, in relocating this site, I uncovered the short fiction character profile I did for a fan-fiction based project I was invited to in early 1996 but later stepped out of due to professional obligations. The character I created was Katrice Unbaria of Pollux, and you can get introduced to her here in the short piece, Call to Duty. Fittingly, I would have played the pilot of the Red Lion generations later. Her companion Handla, a tribute to my mentor Marc Handler, resonates a lot like Janice Em from Robotech: Sentinels.


Several years ago I promised there would be no more 'fan fiction' from myself as part of the transition from fan to working professional. But now I want to share something that was created to help me make that transition so I don't think it quite fits the definition. When VOLTRON saw new life as VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION, I wrote a sample, or "spec," script for the show. These are commonly done in the entertainment industry to show that you can write for other people's shows. They will be read by production companies and agents so long as they're considered 'current.' Now that VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION is no longer on the air, I cannot use this script as a 'calling card' to get work and have had to write other more 'recent' shows.

However, I refuse to let the story die so I'm sharing it with VOLTRON fans around the world. An interesting thing to note is that I was able to obtain the scripting for the standard launch and transformation sequences. So the wording I use here is the exact wording found in every VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION script for those sections.

So what would happen if Pidge was able to locate his adoptive parents, apparently still missing since his homeworld Balto exploded five years ago? That's the question tackled in Your Home Planet's Where Your Heart Is. Enjoy!

Nina, Dark Daughter of Arus

The stories of Nina, lost-lost daughter of Coran, and her White Lion were where it all began, both with my fandom and my personal path as an animation professional.

In 1998, something I had slowly become convinced would never come to pass came true. World Events Productions announced there would be new episodes of VOLTRON. In light of this, I had to consider what I said here in the past, about there being no new stories unless they were of our own weaving. While I am glad to see the new stories, they have made the work I originally did as a teenager completely null and void. Nina and the White Lion could not exist in VOLTRON as it is now. In some ways, it's heartbreaking to me... but at the same time, they have taken care to answer many of the mysteries I tried to tackle and solve against the backdrop of Nina's addition to the cast.

That said, I've decided the work I've posted here will remain. It was coming up with this possible path for VOLTRON that put me on my own personal path, and I couldn't not share it. It's part of who I am. But there will definitely be no more new "fan fiction"... at least not from me. We all must make our own choices.

Unless specified, all characters within were created by World Events Productions and are properties thereof.

ALSO NOTE: I have restored the "Soldier's Song" story to its original version, which included Nina. She was not central to it to begin with, so it was easy to write her out. Now that it has no chance of being made, I'd rather it be shared the way it was originally intended.

The Saga of Nina: Dark Daughter of Arus

These stories are shared to celebrate the nostalgia of our past and to reach out to fans across the world to strengthen our common bond in fandom.

As the years have passed since the end of VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION, I find that Nina stays with me in a way.  At times I let my mind wander, and I see her now in a outfit of purple and silver, as Lance the love of her life wears red and silver.  Or, as Allura dons her flowing dress for affairs of state, Nina wears a dress uniform as commander of the Astroknights, a right which is still hers.  But the Nina that flies the White Lion must be relegated to an alternate universe much as the versions of the beloved Voltron Force in "Consider the Alternatives"... is it real, or only hoped for?  The rules of interdependence of the five lions as laid out by Queen Ariella dictate there could never be another lion.  At least not in the universe we know, though Stealth Voltron opened the door for so many other universes in an even larger way than Coran's wife Leda and son Garrett being sent to the ‘dimension of Elsu’ in the original series.

I don't really know how I would approach the rest of the details at this point, were opportunity to come my way in the future.  Nina must still be an older sister to Garrett and older than Allura (unless you go with the premise that Leda was unknowingly pregnant with Nina, meaning no one knows of her existence until her return, though that’s more complicated to write); Coran may or may not have been married twice but I think Leda could be mother to both now with little trouble as long as Nina disappeared before Garrett was born (or no one knew of Nina’s existence per above).   Now that Haggar's past has been revealed, some changes would have to be made as to how and where Nina was raised, but probably very little outside of the White Lion would need adjusting.  In my heart Nina will always be in some form.  She symbolizes the root of passionate dreams that have become a fantastic reality.

This page is intended as respect to and celebration of VOLTRON, and nothing more. But please be aware that World Events Productions as owners of the property, ultimately have the say with these characters. If I am ever asked to remove these stories, I shall do so... but only if asked.

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