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From days of long ago...


Long before Shannon Muir became known as an animation professional, her status as a fan of the medium became well known through the 1980s animated series, VOLTRON: DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE. Her site, SHANNON MUIR'S VOLTRON PAGES, would go on to become one of the best known sites on the subject and for many years could be found at

In late 2009, AOL stopped hosting all web pages, and SHANNON MUIR'S VOLTRON PAGES lost what had been its stable home for over thirteen years. Fans tracked Shannon Muir down and wrote how much they missed the website.

So, to make that wealth of information available again, SHANNON MUIR'S VOLTRON PAGES became part of the ANIMATED INSIGHTS family of pages. What follows are the pages coded as they were originally, with only the links changed to make them operational in their new home, and minor updates made as major developments on the property unfold. Maybe someday they'll be improved but this is not a current priority.

Also, bear in mind these pages do not contain - nor will they for the forseeable future - any information about the show VOLTRON FORCE. It is not known how much of anything covered in these pages is still considered canon and taken on to the new series. It is possible this is the show that explains the missing years between VOLTRON and VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION or establishes VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION as non-canon (though, since even the original show established multiple dimensions, there's always the possibility we were watching an alternate dimension the whole time). My professional committments do not put me in a position to discuss the current show, and is not a statement as to how I feel about the current show.

To continue on to the world of SHANNON MUIR'S VOLTRON PAGES, click here. To see an old article from World Events Productions' archives that also features the visual starmap she partnered with them on for VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION, click here. Otherwise, use the left navigation to find a section of interest.



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